Charging infrastructure

With the increased popularity of electrical vehicles, the demand for charging points is likewise growing. Along the Dutch highways, hundreds of current gas-stations will be turned into ‘energy stations’ with electrical fast- charging points for both passenger cars and heavier vehicles such as trucks. This requires complex energy-grid choices and innovative solutions.

It was our ambition to design both a solution that creates immediate impact and is part of a future, long term strategy. We have co-designed crucial steps towards the realization of charging stations and infrastructure that suits therewith. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat and market parties we have designed a roadmap and blueprint for the rollout of the charging infrastructure network. In this way we drive the transition to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands.


Yellowchess is substantively strong with transitions to mobility and energy. They understand the art of translating complex issues and envisioning future scenarios.

Rob de Groot

Lead Sustainable Mobility Rijkswaterstaat

I worked with Yellowchess in a substantially complex process in which Rijkswaterstaat was still looking for its role. Yellowchess facilitated and provided direction to this process in a pleasant and decisive manner, the balance suited very well to our project!

Anouk van de Veeken

Advisor Sustainable Mobility Rijkswaterstaat