Circular construction

The task of building 900,000 new homes in The Netherlands by 2030 is extremely challenging. At the same time, traditional construction methods emit too much CO2 emissions, use precious resources and create pollution. Imagining a more sustainable future, these methods seem unsuitable for the job. The province of North-Brabant has therefore created the Brabant Approach to Circular construction. A way towards facilitating construction companies, governments and other stakeholders to work together in designing a circular construction sector.

For many of the companies, municipalities, housing associations and other stakeholders, the transition to circularity is new and complex. We have guided groups of combined stakeholders in their road toward circularity. Because of their interdependence, this process involves collaborative undertaking of crucial actions. It also involves individual steps taken by separate organizations. With sessions, tools, inspiration and activation, we work towards a construction sector that is future-proof and sustainable. A breakthrough in a sector that stands for immense challenges!