Circular Value Center

The number of raw materials our planet can provide is limited. We simply use too much and so does the manufacturing industry. On top of that, the industry struggles with financial and supply chain uncertainties, new (EU) regulations and most of all; the intrinsic desire for more sustainability in companies. The transition to a circular economy, a system in which no precious raw material reserves are used up and resources are fully reused, could provide solutions. This requires completely different thinking. The province of Noord-Brabant and partners are striving for a circular transition in the manufacturing industry.

We see that chain collaboration is the answer to circular challenges. For that reason, we guide companies that work together in production chains toward circularity. We help them with identifying their common goals, joint breakthroughs, collaborative business modelling and steps towards concrete changes. In this project we work with universities, trade associations, development companies and local governments to guide companies such as ASML, Vanderlande and Nederlandse Spoorwegen in chain collaboration. In doing so, we simultaneously work on in- depth impact amongst the companies that participate and breadth impact throughout the whole industry. A mixture of technical content, creativity, partnerships and strategy leads to innovative collaborations and propositions that are equipped for a circular and sustainable manufacturing industry.


Yellowchess manages to bring together a large mix of parties within CVC Fast Forward and bring together the diverse interests into one greater interest. Yellowchess’ approach and results have an impact on both the participating parties and the wider manufacturing industry. Their enthusiasm is contagious in this respect. They know how to make sustainable ambitions practical!

Waldo Maaskant

programme strategist Circular Economy Province of Noord-Brabant