Delta Innovation Hub

Too much water, too little water or water of insufficient quality. Whilst in the Netherlands we have a proud history of handling water, we can now conclude that we might have interfered with the water system too much. Falling groundwater levels and increasingly heavy rainfall. Increased risks and poor water quality, due to climate change. It’s time for a new approach to water management.

We help the Brabantse Delta and other water authorities to innovate on these major challenges. While incremental adjustments are ongoing, radical innovation, that stimulate real change, should become central in the new way of thinking and working. We help water authorities transform into more innovative organizations by going through an innovation process about actual and urgent matters like dealing with water shortage. We explore current working methods and future goals to develop an innovation strategy and approach. With climate change as a pressing concern, it’s great to see that Brabantse Delta is putting full (water)power into positive change!


I am very positive about the work done! The General Board responded very positively. They are very happy with the created concept.

Kees Jan de Vet

Dijkgraaf Brabantse Delta Water Board