The Netherlands is aging rapidly, which brings challenges in several areas. How do we make sure that there is suitable housing for elderly people, and can we ensure that they receive the care they need? Over 140 parties in Brabant acknowledge this growing issue and want to develop joint solutions. From housing project developers to welfare institutions, from housing corporations to municipalities. The Brabant Housing-Care- Wellbeing Network is striving to sooner find suitable solutions. Focusing on neighborhood well-being, suitable homes and adequate care provision.

We help the network to collaborate in mission-driven innovation, a working method in which the common goal is valued as bigger than the sum of individual goals and can only be achieved together. The network’s partners are guided in the process towards achieving breakthroughs in their collaborative missions.

In addition to the breakthrough challenge of the bigger network, we work on substantial innovations within the larger system. One of the questions we are exploring is: How do we ensure that upcoming seniors are better prepared for their housing and living future? How can we activate them to make choices based on positive desires rather than being forced to make decisions reactivly.