Shared mobility

Roads are flooding, there is a shortage of space for housing and climate- adaptive greenery, not everyone is able to get around and vehicles emit a lot of co2. The Netherlands stand for a mobility transition and Shared mobility could provide breakthroughs. As the market for shared mobility services is relatively new and still in development, its expansion proves to be challenging. Governments are uncertain of how to position themselves in the organization of shared mobility, whilst market players explore opportunities and show guts by trial and error.

We lead several projects aimed at future proof expansion of the shared mobility market. From the way cities hold grip on proactive market participants to developing a strategy for a province. Central to our approach is that we involve a broad range of parties in all innovation projects. Governments, shared mobility service providers, public transport companies, employers with transport needs and various other parties. After all, we see that with the right cooperation, goals of both governmental and market parties are more alike than they seem at first sight. Important: The starting point in all projects is the traveler. The actual user of the services. They do not think in terms of permits, concessions or strategies. With our project we force breakthroughs in sustainable mobility.


Yellowchess’ automotive expertise and experience brings valuable perspectives to shape our automotive vision to open up new opportunities for new research and partnerships’.

Dr. ir. Frans Tillema

Lector Intelligente Mobiliteit