Zero homeless people

When used in city planning, social issues and technology seem to go hand in hand. In other challenges, such as homelessness, that combination seems less obvious. Several Dutch municipalities were looking to investigate whether homelessness could be prevented using machine learning—an initiative aimed at decreasing the number of homeless people in the Netherlands through technology. This innovative exploration seeks to prevent personal suffering and communal costs by adopting a novel approach to tackling societal issues.

We have helped direct the Machine Learning Lab in collaboration with the Association of Dutch Municipalities, data science companies, and other stakeholders. In addition to addressing technological challenges, the lab also delved into broader societal questions such as ethics, privacy, and biases. Our approach to breakthroughs and innovative solutions revolves around the target group, keeping them as the central focus. This (digital) innovation serves as a tool to benefit society.


Yellowchess really understands what it takes to build a bridge between two different worlds with the aim of creating movement to solve social problems

Eveline Wauters

Project Lead Machine Learning Lab, VNG