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Breakthroughs need colourful perspectives

Yellowchess is growing! We want to grow the team not only in size, but also in unique perspectives.
We believe that bringing in a wide variety of viewpoints is key to create breakthroughs!
If you're up to the challenge, please check out our vacancies below:

Design Support (parttime)

Would you like to build experience during your study on real life cases? We are looking for someone who, next to his or her studies, helps our team for a few hours (4-8) a week. Do you study at a university (of applied science), are you a strong visualizer and does your study match the Yellowchess profile? We can offer you a cool job! Your tasks are preparing and working out sessions, visualizing innovative solutions, trend research ánd we ask you to be creative with us on all these challenging subjects.

Ready to go? Send a mail to or give us a call.

Open application

Are 'innovation & breakthrough' your middle names? We are curious and happy to get in touch with you. Feel free to send an open application to or give us a call.

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